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Prego they're just like Sanatana and Smith he's the Carlos of the squeezebox and you cant say fairer than that ! : Simon Jones Froots


Over the years PREGO have done numerous concerts and are equally at home in dance situations ... in other words our audiences listen and throw their bodies around. In fact its difficult not to. We've had Swedish concewrt venus bopping the night away solidly for our entire set until the walls dripped ( perhaps thats too much information :-) ) and festival crowds going crazy to small intimate venues when called for.


Prego also performs from a duo  all the way up to 6 people .. often we work as a four or five piece  .. occasionally also working with very special friends like the Austrian band Hotel Palindrone and much much more.. simply ask and we'll tell you whats possible.


in 2019 the band return to regular touring and general availability .. looking forward to seeing you on the road



Also we do a range of workshops botih multi instrumental and european dance from French Bourees to Breton from waltz to polka piquee and all with a great deal of fun as the essential ingredient.



Current Shows


We're about to start touring again in 2022  booking all the way  .. please drop a mail to Ian by clicking here if interested

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